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my name is Rita, I am one of the Italian volunteers that now are in Cambodia for the INTERFACE II.
I’m happy to be here, I think it is a good opportunity to grow up personally and professionally, I’m learning a lot of things at work and about cambodia culture.
I think this is the best experience in my life.

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Reunion Cambodian EVS group in Phnom Penh

នេះគឺជាសកម្មភាពជួបជុំគ្នាបន្ទាប់ពីសកម្មភាពស្ម័គ្រចិត្តនៅប្រទេសអ៊ីតាលី និងព័រទុយហ្គាល់។ ថ្វីត្បិតតែយើងរស់នៅតំបន់ខុសគ្នាក៏ពិតមែនតែទំនាក់ទំនងជាមិត្តភាពរវាងពួកយើងពិតជា

មានភាពគូរកត់សំគាល់មែន។ យើងបាននិយាយអំពីបទពិសោធន៏ជាទូទៅនៅបរទេស និងតើពួកយើងមានការងារធ្វើរឺនៅបន្ទាប់ពីការវិលចូលស្រុកកំណើតវិញ។ ស្របពេលនោះដែរ យើងក៏បាននិយាយអំពីបញ្ហាជីវិតនៅបរទេស ក៏ដូចនៅកម្ពុជា។ ពេលវេលាពិតជាដើរលឿនមែន ៦ខែបានកន្លងផុតទៅយ៉ាងឆាប់រហ័ស តែវាជាពេលវេលាមួយដែលបានកសាងនូវអនុស្សារីយ៏ និងបទពិសោធន៏យ៉ាងច្រើនអនេកសំរាប់ពួកយើង។

This is our reunion after arrival in Cambodia. It was full of fun while we were eating and talking lots of our Experiences in Europe. Even we were in different cities and countries in Europe but our friendship is still so well.  I can say that we are so close to each other and we can share even our secret stories to each other. we have talked about our problem there and here and also what do we work after EVS project.
The time is flying so fast but it built many good experience and memories…. which is unforgettable…..

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“Arrival in Cambodia after EVS in Italy”

Dear readers,

I hope you are all fine and everything is going smoothly.

I am so happy that I had a chance to do this project of six months in Italy. Finally, I have done this project succesfully and have a lot of sweet memories. On 2nd of September, the plane landed in Phnom Penh International Airport at 9:30am in the morning. The welcoming sound was louder while I and others were leaving the arrival area. I felt so excited with my family’s sound:  “seila, my son, you are arriving.” At that time, my tears almost fell down. My family was crying as well.

Today is the eleventh day after arrival in Cambodia. I am starting my life again here and I am working with my sending organization, Youth for Peace. I coutinue my studies in University and already prepared my life here.

I am so happy.


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Goodbye, Arrivedeci!!!

Time is running very quickly, almost 6 months we have been doing EVS in Itlay,Vicenza; the last 4 days were to prepare and say goodbye to everyone here before returning to our country. Now we start the countdown to the day with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness together as time arrives for meeting family, relatives, friends and hometown and as well time for leaving from work, life, friends and everything here. Anyways it it life, meeting and leaving will happen with everyone. The main thing to remember is just to take consideratin and treat people well and think about how to keep going this friendship when we leave. 6 months in Europe, was a great experience for us, learning to live, to work, to share, to face and solve problems. Moreover, we are glad to come back and share what we have experienced and learned to others and use what we have learned that can be applied in our country.

Before leaving, we would like to say thanks to:

  • who had the idea for creating this great project to provide opportunities for Cambodian youths to experience and explore Europe, and also for European youths to experience and explore Cambodia.
  • Our coordinator in Cambodia who has taken care of us, helped and assited us, since before starting the project
  • Or sending organizations Youth For Peace, Youth Resource Development Program and Khmer Youth Association for Development whose cooperation with the project provided us this chance to take part in it.
  • Our hosting organization, Eurocultura, especially out tutor who provided us a very warm welcome, hosting and helping us with different ways and possibilities.
  • Our organization with whom we are doing EVS (Association of Local Democracy Agencies, SOS Bambino and Associasione Solidarieta and Cooperation) providing us work, teaching, helping and sharing experience with us.
  • As well as our friends and colleagues here in Italy and outside who spent time together sharing and helping us during our stay and hope we all still keep in contact.

Finally we hope, the project will keep going on and providing this chance for other youths to explore and experience Europe as we have done.

Best wishes for all,

Augurio per tutti,

Gruppo di Vinceza

Sopagna, Sopheak and Mony

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Thank all Organizations

Throughout being a volunteer in Vicenza for 6 months, although my working situation was out of my expectation, I now feel their warmest welcome and extreme helpfulness, and feel better and overjoyed with my work place and feel warm and confortable during doing EVS Project.

I extremely appreciate for creating this project that has cooperated together with Cambodia organizations, Youth Resource Development Program, Youth for Peace and Khmer Youth and Social Development, in order to give a chance for me as well as all Cambodian people to exchange experiences, develop our personalities, do multi-culture learning and learn new things and adventure to new places. I hope that EVS Project will go on long and long time to give Cambodian people the possiblity to improve their capacities and have a strong relationship between Cambodia and Italy forever.

Finally, I would like to thank for, Madam Ruth Gruber, who is our responsable in Cambodia,, Ms. Alessandra Gonzi, who is responsible in Italy, Eurocultura, Ms. Alessandra Novello, who is my tutor in Vicenza, Associazione Solidarità & Cooperazione, Mr. Aldo Prestipino, who is my boss in my work place, and Associazione Via Firenze 21 Onlus, Mr. Roberto Manfrè, who is also my boss in my work place.


From Vicenza Group

Sopheak Phat

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Thinking time

Dear all,

I just want to share my fellings with you all and to tell you that on 20th August 2010 at 4:21 am, I could not sleep because I was thinking a lot about my future dreams. Thinking thinking thinking…..I know what I’m gonna do which is very useful for my family and country when I back to Cambodia.


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Soon back to Cambodia…

We started to do the final report for EVS project and also trying to understand what youth pass is and we have to read all of the documents of youth pass. We did not recognize that five and a half months are gone already in our volunteer job.

Soon we will come back to Cambodia, I am very happy to see my family and friends and start my new life. But it is also very hard to say goodbye to everybody. For me, these experiences in Europe, both life and volunteer job, are very useful to apply in my life, to personal skills, and study. It was a very great time for me in Palermo, Italy.

Holiday is coming, so we started to think what we gonna do forthe holiday. I already bought some gifts for my family and friends. Moreover, more than gifts I am bringing the new experiences and new thinking back to my family and country which is very important to make my family happy with more confidence in me and contribute to our beautiful country.

Sovatha.    

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“Thank for CE.SIE”

European Voluntary Service which is the first time for Cambodian People coming to EU countries, Italy and Portugal.  Now it is going to finish for our Cambodian group because we have only one month more to say goodbye, prepare our stuff, buy gifts and visit some places in Italy.

We, the Cambodian group, are hosted in Palermo by CE.SIE organization for the whole six months of EVS project. This afternoon, 2nd of August after we have done General presentation about Cambodia for the Italian volunteers who will go to Cambodia on 9th of September, we met director of CE.SIE who is Vito la fata. He was really admired with us, Cambodian Volunteer group in Palermo, who never caused any problem for them and have tried our best to work and role play as good volunteers. He wished that we will continue to do such great work like this in our home country, Cambodia.

We Cambodian group are working in Palermo with CE.SIE, we would like to say “Thanks to”:

1)  Our Host organization, CE.SIE, our dearest mentors and especially our best organizer,Roberta. You guys have done many great things and really prepared well for us. We feel so comfortable to work and live here that seems like you are another family who hosts us and takes care of us as well since we arrived.

2) Every center where we have worked such as Fundazione per il sud, UbuntU, Santa chiara and il Giardino di madre teresa. There are the nice place for children and we felt that we were really useful to work there. What unforgettable for us is children and you,guys. You were so nice with us even we could not understand each other because we spoke in English and Italian. You showed us what we should do and how to take care of the children. The children were so cute and really clever. They left us many sweet memories what is deeply in our heart. I wish your center will continue your help for the children. Let do it as long as you can, our dear center.

3) Our friends. You are so kind and really friendly guys. We have enjoyed so much during this period. You guided us to know the reality life in Palermo and explored in Sicily where is really beautiful area. We had many parties. We helped each other during we were working. We also shared our own experiences among each other. You are the best guys and keep on going…

Seila, Satra and Sovatha.

We are really hard to say good bye to all of you. We will keep in our heard, our mind forever.  We wish that this project will be provided to next generation Cambodian volunteers for coming to learn and live with this life as we have done. We hope you will keep in touch with all of us along…

Big hug and kiss

Cambodian Volunteers group in Palermo

Seila, Satra and Sovatha

The time is flying so fast. We thought that we just arrived this country few days ago but in fact five months is really gone. One month more, we will fly back to Cambodia and we do not know when we can see this country again and everyone who have known during this project.

This life is full of emotions that we can learn all kind of taste… Love, honest,happiness are always with us. We feel that we have lost some emotions because one center where we have worked for but now there was closed. The children are so cute and really clever who we really miss. We really do not know when we can see them and we can not see how cute and clever they are again. We cannot take care of them and play with them again.

Finally, it have started from the beginning to adapt and work with them but it was finished Friday last week on 30th July when we were getting closer with them.

Thank you so much UbuntU center which is the children center. You are working great job because you help children very well. I wish you continue your work with children as long as you can…

“Help children”

seila, satra, sovatha

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Dinner Time at Our Tutor’s House

It is a good time for group of Vicenza to show our tutor’s face on Blog.  Nearly 6 months, our group has been living in Vicenza; and we always feel warm and happy thanks to our tutor.

On Wenesday 21 July, 2010, we were invited to have dinner with her family, so we had chance to know them, and eventually her parents. With a warmest welcome and the raised topics about Cambodia and Italy, we together with her family were very happy, and we tasted delicious Italian food.

Thank our tutor for her invitation in the gorgeous evening with her family!!!!!

From Group of Vicenza

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